HYPE Ministries - Meet the HYPE Team
HYPE Events a Community Connections Initiative - Helping Youth Prosper Eternally

Jessica Basham, HYPE Director

Jessica is the gunning force behind starting HYPE Events.  As a teenager she was in foster homes and group homes, and this has placed a passion for at risk kids in her heart. Jessica also has a passion to reach this generation of youth and to show them that they do not have to fall victim to everything that society is pushing down their throats.   Her passion for these kids together with her strong christian faith and Professional Event Planning Career is where HYPE Events was born. Jessica says "I believe that we have to do something different to grasp this generation."   What we have been doing is not working!  So let's bring fun faith based events that will catch their attention to our areas. I also want to show at risk kids that you do not have to be a product of your enviroment, you can take your own destiny into your hands and change your future.  Having Jesus Christ as their personal savior can help these kids overcome this society and their environments!!"  Jesus fought for my soul, and a Dr. in Beckley WV fought for my heart, so I will fight for the souls and hearts of other kids! 
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