HYPE Ministries - The Vision of HYPE
HYPE Events a Community Connections Initiative - Helping Youth Prosper Eternally


Our vision is that through Christ we have a passion to leave an impression on young people and their families through outreach and events that will touch and excite this generation and inspire them to have a personal walk with Jesus Christ.


Our mission is to get an age appropriate bible into the hands of every child and teen that is living in an out of home placement situation.  

We also have a mission to support at risk youth who are in out of home placements through opportunities to attend events they otherwise would not get to attend!  Hoping that by involving them in faith based events that they will see that with Jesus Christ in your corner there is a different way of life out there, and they do not have to become a product of their environment. They can be all they want to be if they just have the courage to take a hold of their future!  Everyone should have a chance to rewrite their story!

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